Stay at the House

WWBH Bedroom

The house is for women:
• On low incomes; or
• In transition
• Who can live independently safely

If this sounds like you and you need accommodation, contact our House Manager. Availability is limited, but we keep a waitlist and may be able to refer you to another housing provider. If this doesn’t sound like you, try this page for more options.


There are three weekly rates (including power, phone and cleaning) depending on the room size:
• $135
• $146
• $159

There is also a bond of one week’s rent.

House Rules

Women who live in the Boarding House are expected to be respectful and agree to certain rules that will be explained to you by the House Manager. Some of the most important rules are:
• No alcohol or drugs in the house
• No being at the house while under the influence
• No violent, abusive, or bullying behaviour
• Visitors only in the common areas
• The house is smokefree inside

Who Stays at the House?

Residents may be escaping an abusive or unsafe situation. They could be a young woman newly arrived in Wellington, or an older woman needing the company of others.

Some women have particular health needs, or have recently left prison or supported accommodation.

The house is safe haven that lets women get back on their feet and take the next steps in their life. The House Manager connects women with other services to help them achieve their goals.

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